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Learning disability Improves with stem cell treatment


Age: 11 Years | Sex: Male

He is a known case of learning disability. He was a full term forcep delivery, cried immediately after birth. His parents report normal motor milestones with delayed speech which improved with rehabilitation. His main problems are poor attention span, poor concentration, hyperactivity, poor reading and writing and memory skills, poor in fine motor activities. He is on continuous rehabilitation since 3.5 years of age.

Neurologically, on examination: he is hypotonic, whereas normal power and reflexes. He has scapular winging bilaterally seen, exaggerated lumbar lordosis, bilateral flat feet, bilateral TA tightness, hypertelorism, low set ear, high arch palate, short neck, short stature.

Functionally, he is independent in most of his ADL. He requires occasional supervision for bathing & minimal assistance for dressing.

After Stem Cell Therapy

OT assessment:
1) Tone has improved.
2) Social thinking has increased. Asks questions. Takes interest in new things, understands.
3) Now able to explain things in sequence (only 4-5 times).
4) Learnt subtraction in 2 days. Earlier when tried to teach him, he did not learn.
5) Now even after 1-2 weeks gap in between studies, he can recollect what was done before the break.
6) Now can join puzzles — forming a design of shapes nicely. Does visual perception games — better than before.
7) Memory has improved.
8) Now attention in dual tasks is better.
9) Now can do counting backwards from 20 to 11 is improved.
10) Cutting along a curved line is better.
11) Buttoning is faster, now even puts big buttons of pants.
12) Now concepts of no. of fingers is better.
13) Now tables of 2 to 9 is very confident.
14) Addition also is more faster and feels more confident.
15) Design copying with blocks is improved.
16) FIM improved from 113 to 118.
17) Pattern and association games for memory is good.

Psychology assessment:
1) Visual perception has improved according to the remedial educator as now he can play those games on the computer. His attention and concentration has improved.
2) Now, he is learning mathematical concepts but previously he wouldn’t understand the concept of subtraction or steps to solve it.
3) Now his sequential memory has improved and he can explain the activity on his own.
4) His reasoning has improved.
5) His memory has improved i.e. now he remembers what is taught to him.
6) His grasping power has improved and he is learning new concepts faster.
7) His level of awareness has improved and now he is able to give proper explanation of his problem.
8) Now his level of interest has increased and he wants to know new things and is inquisitive to know the meaning of new things.
9) He had difficulty in fine motor activity before whereas now he can wear the shirt on his own i.e. button himself, pull down the collar and wears the shirt in 2 minutes.
10) His level of distraction has reduced.
11) Behavioural issues have reduced i.e. being stubborn.
12) His language skills were poor i.e. he was only comfortable in Gujarati but now his language skill has improved in Gujarati and Hindi.
13) Design copying is better as compared to before.

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