Short video of Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Transverse Myelitis by Dr Alok Sharma Mumbai India | Stem Cell Therapy Videos

Short video of Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Transverse Myelitis by Dr Alok Sharma Mumbai India

Spinal Cord Injuries

Age: 22 Years | Sex: Female

After Stem Cell Therapy
PT assessment:
Objectively :
1) Grade 3-4 spasticity in right lower extremities and grade 2 spasticity in left lower extremities. Earlier it was grade 4 bilaterally.
2) Postural scoliosis is completely corrected, now sits erect.
3) No episode of fever recently.

Patient reports:
1) Can hold urine for few seconds.
2) Can stand independently for 2-3 minutes in parallel bar with minimum support at knees.
3) Balance and posture improved, but since there is lack of practice, it has reduced.
4) Can do slight abduction — adduction of bilateral lower extremities.
5) Bowel incontinence was present before first shot, now completely stopped after 6 months post therapy.
6) Can feel pain and temperature, overall LE cold better, but warm cannot be appreciated that well.
OT assessment:
1) Posture is more erect, scoliosis has reduced.
2) Sitting balance has improved, now she can sit without support for longer time.
3) Transfer is independent for same level, but needs assistance because of spasm.
4) Lower body dressing is independent now and she needs less effort for all her ADL.
5) Bowel control has increased further.
6) Bladder — she can control for few seconds and she has complete bladder sensation.
7) She can feel warm sensation which was not there before (only if temp is very high, not able to perceive slight warmth). H/o fall 3-4 months back — while transferring to bathroom 2-3 weeks ago — while transferring to Rikshaw. Because of fall, stopped going to bathroom for toileting, so FIM changed from 4 to 1.
8) She reports better gait (better coordination) — can stand for longer periods of time, minimum 2 hours now, – can walk maximum for 1/2 an hour with help of walker at home.
9) Earlier on 11/12/2010, Virali reported sensations are not affected however on 18/2/13, she reported that her temp sensation were affected but now she can perceive increased temperature better than before.
Also pain perception is better. She can now perceive throbbing sensation and aching sensation now which she could not perceive earlier.
14) She is able to do swimming.

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