stem cell therapy treatment for athetoid cerebral palsy by dr alok sharma, mumbai, india | Stem Cell Therapy Videos

stem cell therapy treatment for athetoid cerebral palsy by dr alok sharma, mumbai, india

Cerebral Palsy

Age: 18 Years | Sex: Male

Improvement seen in just 3 months
After Stem Cell Therapy
1. Oromotor skills have improved.
2. Speech is more clear. Earlier used to exert while speaking. Now, speaks with less effort.
3. Posture is straighter.
4. Earlier could not do kneel standing. Can now do it easily.
5. Earlier could not squat down and get up on his own — legs would go apart, – now can do squatting and getting up on his own without support (10 times).
6. Earlier needed support while doing exercises. Now can do it without support.
7. Sitting and standing balance have improved.
8. Neck and trunk dystonia is very less now, almost completely reduced (only 5-7% remaining).
9. All four limb muscle strength has improved.
10. Imbalance and swaying while walking has reduced. Can walk 2-3 kms nonstop now, without any pain and less effort (in ribs, etc).
11. Pain while walking in right side of abdomen has reduced.
12. Pinch and grip strength has improved.
13. Handwriting has also improved.
14. Spilling while eating has reduced a lot.
15. He is now fast in performing his ADL, like he takes less time to get ready. Now he takes 15-20 minutes, earlier he would take more than 30 minutes.
16. Earlier would spill food while eating with spoon. Now, spills very little. Coordination is better.
17. Teachers in school report 20% improvement in him, like neck movements.
18. Immunity has increased, earlier would have frequent URT infection, now frequency has reduced — 1 episode in past 3 months.

Speech assessment:
1. Effort in speech reduced.
2. Neck and shoulder elevation while speaking reduced.
3. Fatigue after speaking for long also reduced.
4. Eyebrow frowning also slightly reduced.
5. Rate of speech reduced.
6. Speaking with open mouth improved.
7. Neck control slightly better.
8. Jaw and lip excessive movements while speaking also reduced.

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