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Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Autism by Dr Alok Sharma, Mumbai, India


Age: 13 Years | Sex: Male

Improvement seen in just 3 months
After Stem Cell Therapy
1. Eye contact has improved.
2. Social interaction has improved.
3. Cognition, attention and concentration has improved.
4. Earlier he never used to leave mobile and kept it in his hand, but now he leaves it.
5. He indicates bowel bladder which he was not doing earlier.
6. Previously he would indicate 3 times out of 10 times his need to go to a washroom whereas now it is 7 times of 10 times.
7. Previously his sitting tolerance was 5 minutes whereas now it has improved to 20 minutes.
8. His hyperactivity has reduced as compared to before.
9. Now his hyperactivity has improved as compared to before i.e. he looks at what is being shown to him.
10. His motor mannerisms have reduced as compared to before.
11. Command following has improved as compared to before.
12. Now he doesn’t get that aggressive like before, if there is a change in his routine.
13. Previously he could listen to music on the phone for 7-8 hours, now it has reduced to 1 hour. He would watch TV for 7-8 before whereas now it has reduced to 5-6 hours.
14. Previously he wouldn’t tough educational toys whereas now he removes it from the drawer and plays games.
15. Now throwing temper tantrums have reduced i.e. previously if things were replaced from his hand, then he would get irritated and would become aggressive.
16. Now he walks to the school and carries his bag.
• He now has started schooling i.e. Samarpan — Jogeshwari (E) since 1 July.
• Now he plays sports like football and climbing stairs, descending stairs and walking backward — only in the school.
17. Now he has started eating all fruits i.e. previously he wouldn’t eat hard food items or fruits whereas now if pear is given he eats.
18. Now he eats by himself whereas previously he needed to be fed. However, roti and sabzi needs to be kept in the plate with pieces of roti which he can eat on his own.
19. His ISAA score has improved 131 to 129 with respect to attention, concentration and emotional response.
20. His FIM score has improved from 44 to 46 with respect to eating, toilet act.

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