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stem cell therapy treatment for autism by dr alok sharma, mumbai, india


Age: 8 Years | Sex: Female

Improvement seen in just 3 months
After Stem Cell Therapy
1. Has 60% improvement in eye contact.
2. She was very well behaved when they took her out.
3. She can choose T-shirts, toys.
4. She remembers where she has kept things — her bag and shoes in school.
5. Earlier she required 2-3 months to learn a new activity, but in past 3 months, she has learnt many new things.
6. She can now identify different tastes and if she doesn’t like specific taste, she won’t eat.
7. She wants to play with other kids, so she takes the ball there.
8. Her streaming with hands has stopped.
9. Fidgeting with fingers is less than before. She does not do it at all during therapy.
10. Gravitational insecurity has reduced. She can climb and descend stairs on her own.
11. She can now eat semi-solid food, earlier used to eat mashed food.
12. Fine motor skills have improved.
13. Now, she helps mother for brushing.
14. She understands for toileting. Tries to open door, remove pants.
15. Teeth grinding has reduced considerably.
16. Sitting tolerance has improved, earlier used to sit only for 5 minutes but now she sits for 2 ½ hours.
17. Her ISAA score has improved from 125-108 (behavior, social).

Stem Cell Therapy done at

NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute, StemAsia Hospital & Research Centre, Plot No. 19, Sector 40, Near Seawoods Railway Station, Nerul (W), Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai – 400706, Maharashtra, India.
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