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stem cell therapy treatment for autism by dr alok sharma mumbai india


Age: 5 Years | Sex: Male

Improvement seen in just 3 months
After Stem Cell Therapy
Psychological Assessment:
1. Eye contact has improved, i.e. now maintains when being spoken to 75%.
2. Attention and concentration has improved, i.e. now he sits during the activity and pays attention whereas before he would only sit for one activity.
3. Tolerance level to sound has increased, i.e. previously he would get upset and would go away from a place where there is a lot of sound whereas now he stays there and closes his ears.
4. Sitting tolerance has improved, i.e. according to his teacher it was 10 minutes whereas now it has improved to 30 minutes.
5. His aggressive behaviour has reduced, i.e. previously he would get very upset and there was continuous head banging, i.e. 5 times or more whereas now he does it but once.
6. Imitation skills have improved, i.e. also in speech, i.e. now if his mother says 3 word sentences then he is able to repeat. He also repeats motor movements when demanded.
7. Previously, laughing without any reason was present but now it has reduced and he displays these behaviours only when there is a change in his routine.
8. Now he tolerates change in his routine, though he tries to avoid it. However, throwing temper tantrums has stopped.
9. There was presence of inappropriate play behaviour whereas now he follows commands on demand like kicking and throwing the ball whereas previously he would just hold the ball. Now, he also understands play norms of catching and throwing the ball.
10. Now, his command following has improved, i.e. previously commands needed to be repeated frequently whereas now he follows commands after 1 repetition. Also he would only follow 1 command whereas now he follows 2 commands.
11. Putting things in the mouth has reduced to about 75%.
12. Speech is present in the form of bisyllables from monosyllables but with prompts he now repeats 3 word sentences.
13. Previously he would soil his pants and all over the house whereas now he does it but goes to the toilet and closes the door.
14. He is more independent in his ADL, i.e. he wears clothes by himself but needs help in zipping and buttoning.
15. He now eats properly, i.e. he will tear the chapatti and dip it in the dal and eat whereas before he would eat only one of it.
16. Social interaction has improved, i.e. previously he would avoid group of children in his building whereas now he tries to go in between them and play.
17. Pushing children has stopped completely.
18. Mother used to have a tougher time handling him during vacation whereas now she feels that it is easier to manage him.
19. Now, she smiles back when someone smiles at him.
20. Now, after wearing new/old clothes, he will go and see himself in the mirror whereas before he wouldn’t see himself in the mirror.
21. Now, after he gets back home from out he will place his shoes in the stand and change his clothes to his home clothes whereas previously this awareness was affected.

As reported by school teacher:
1. Eye contact has improved.
2. Earlier he never used to listen to the teacher but now he does.
3. His sitting tolerance has improved.
4. Earlier could not tolerate group therapy but now he sits in it for 15 minutes.
5. Goal setting which was done for 6 months, he achieved in 3 months.
6. When they were taken out for camping, he kept quite whereas other kids were jumping.

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