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stem cell therapy treatment for autism by dr alok sharma, mumbai, india


Age: 8 Years | Sex: Male

Improvement seen in just 3 months
After Stem Cell Therapy
OT assessment:
1. Eye contact has improved by 5%.
2. Mild improvement in recent memory.
3. He has learnt a 4 liner rhyme which he says with prompts.
4. Earlier would hit his sister but now he doesn’t play with her.
5. Aggressive behavior has decreased by 70%.
6. His ISAA score has improved from 76 to 71 (socially).
7. Earlier he never used to bother at all when guests came home, but now he sits with them and also answers them if they ask or tells them mother is at home.
8. If the mother keeps a competition for any task (as to who will get it first) he does it immediately as he wants to be first.
9. Earlier he could not hold the pen at all but now he holds.
Advice –
Repeat PET scan Brain after 3 months.
Psychological assessment:
1. Aggressive behavior – decreased by 70% in hitting his sister. Biting has stopped completely.
2. Temper tantrums have reduced, i.e. earlier would get impatient when he did not get what he wanted but now he has become more patient.
3. Has 5% improvement in eye contact.
4. Attention and concentration — same as before, i.e. affected.
5. He has become interested in writing activities when mother helps him.
6. Social interaction — he has started interacting and playing with other children, i.e. he participated in activities during ganesh chaturthi and rings his friend’s doorbell and asks them to come to the garden.
7. Command following – has improved, i.e. frequency of following commands has increased.
8. Imitation skills have improved, i.e. he observes what his father does and copies the same actively; however copies activities that can be harmful as well.
9. Speech clarity has improved, i.e. earlier could not call her sister’s name but now says “Vaidehi”. However, no new words learnt.
10. Puzzle solving — can solve 4 pieces puzzle faster than before.
11. Adapting to new places — he was taken to the restaurant once in 3 months and he was very well behaved.
12. Doesn’t convey his needs. However, now he understands that he needs to pass motion in the toilet and not outside.
13. Facial features — a lot of improvement noticed in facial features as reported by his child specialist (Dr. Marol Wagh), parents and relatives.
14. Another child specialist mentioned that there are changes in his behavior problems.
15. He still doesn’t understand the concept of danger.
16. School performance — due to change of teacher, he is not very cooperative.
17. Tutoring at home — sits in one place with mother while studying, brings his own bag and writes on the blackboard — however meaningless. Can write on his own without out mother’s help now, however does not follow the proper line, can follow sequence.
Eg. 1456 2 8 7 39
18. Repetitive behavior — present, i.e. shutting of doors and playing with computer mouse.
19. New learning — earlier would not complete new tasks but now completes new tasks and shows interest.
20. Speech — no new words learnt — same as before, i.e. 25 words approx.
21. Emotional responses — thinks about the things in class and laughs more now than earlier.
22. Object use — appropriate when taught and imitates.
23. Routine — has improved, i.e. will put his bag in place and washes his hands before eating, etc.
24. Eating — earlier had to be fed, however now he eats on his own with spillage.

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