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stem cell therapy treatment for autism by dr alok sharma, mumbai, india


Age: 7 Years | Sex: Male

After Stem Cell Therapy
1. He doesn’t get irritated on meeting new people.
2. He takes interest for activities.
3. His fine motor skills have improved and can hold crayons, join 2 dots.
4. Repetitive behaviour has reduced.
5. Unusual noises have reduced.
6. Putting inedible objects in mouth is lesser than before (reduced further to 70%).
7. Biting self when angry has stopped completely.
8. His tactile hypersensitivity has reduced. He can tolerate hair cutting and nail cutting.
9. Remaining aloof is lesser than before (he now searches for people and comes and sits next to them).
10. ISAA score has improved from 132 to 104 (80% – 60%). (repetitive behaviour, relation with other children, emotional response, self stimulating behaviour like hand flapping, unusual noises, motor mannerisms, hyperactivity, aggressive behaviour, temper tantrums, attention/concentration).
11. Her WeeFIM score has improved from 65 to 77 (grooming, dressing, toileting, social interaction).
12. ADL:
1. He now puts paste on toothbrush and will brush but requires continuous verbal cue.
2. Can open buttons, wear clothes and remove clothes but doesn’t understand front-back. Hence requires supervision.
3. Can wear and remove elastic pants, but doesn’t understand front-back.
4. Now, he can go to toilet, close the door and flush and come out.
5. He can now remove clothes and pass stools but doesn’t squat down and clean.

According to psychologist:
1. His shouting behaviour and echolalia has reduced as compared to before.
2. Non — verbal communication by gestures have improved and before he used to get frustrated as he wouldn’t be able to communicate but now as it has improved his frustration has reduced. Tries to drag to the desired item. Attempts to explain through gestures to fulfill demands quietly 5-6 times.
3. His hyperactivity has reduced and is he s kept engaged then his sitting tolerance has improved to ½ hour to 45 minutes.
4. Attention and concentration during activities has improved further (to 45 minutes).
5. He understands emotions, especially before when his sister was being shouted at he used to calm down or become aware. Whereas, now he sits by her and consoles her.
6. He understands where the toilet is in any new place where as before his awareness was affected.
7. The duration of time of playing with his sister has increased and now he takes interest in play activities.
8. Now he unbuttons his shirt, removes and wears the t-shirt by himself, he removes his pants, removes the shoes on his own and brushes by himself.
9. Now spinning with his eyes closed has reduced to only once or twice a day.
10. Now he isn’t aversive to cutting hair and nails.
11. Eye contact has improved as compared to before.
12. Follows simple commands i.e. 1 command in 1 or 2 repetitions.
13. He is more cooperative as compared to before.
14. Now he isn’t scared to go to new places and is more confident as compared to before.
15. Now he adjusts to new places or if there is a change in his routine or place he accepts the change and doesn’t get irritated as he used to get before.

According to speech therapist:
1. Reaction time also reduced.
2. Non-verbal gestural communication improved. Sitting tolerance improved to 45 minutes.
3. Plays meaningfully with toys (blocks).
4. Irrelevant humming also reduced.
5. Attempts to mingle with guests.
6. Started sniffing objects.
7. Urine control and passing independently achieved.
8. Bedwetting stopped.
9. Attempts to do routine activities by himself but needs monitoring.
10. Learning of new things: started taking interest, learns faster than before. If activity is of his interest, accuracy increases.
11. Screaming has reduced to 50% but starts if sound making wrappers are seen.
12. Colouring within border achieved.

Stem Cell Therapy done at

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