Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Autism by Dr Alok Sharma, Mumbai, India Part 2 | Stem Cell Therapy Videos

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Autism by Dr Alok Sharma, Mumbai, India Part 2


Age: 8 Years | Sex: Male

Improvement seen in just 7 months
After Stem Cell Therapy
1. Emotional responses have increased i.e. now even if parents speak to him with a slight raised voice he gets angry.
2. His level of understanding has improved by 5 to 10%.
3. Teeth grinding has stopped completely.
4. Now he is comfortable with new people and new clothes. Now he doesn’t gets scared.
5. Now he is able to catch even a small ball whereas previously he had difficulty.
6. His social interaction has improved only with his younger sister, he plays catch and cook with her.
7. His repetitive speech has stopped. However there is presence of pronoun reversal.
8. Walking on toes has stopped completely.
9. Laughing and shouting without any reason has reduced.
10. Eye contact has improved.
11. Parents report that his attention and concentration has reduced.
12. Previously he would alert his mother about passing stool or urinating but now he doesn’t do. Also, he soils his pants many a times.
13. Parents report that now he is more lazy as compared to before.
14. Repetitive behaviour has reduced.
15. CARS score: (reduction) 31 (mild autism) to 26 (non-autistic).

Stem Cell Therapy done at

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