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stem cell therapy treatment for autism from united kingdom by dr alok sharma, mumbai, india


Age: 9 Years | Sex: Male

Amazing improvement seen in just 1 months
After Stem Cell Therapy
Patient continued rehabilitation in the hospital for a month during which time he showed the following improvements:

1. His attention span and concentration has improved especially while speaking to him, he concentrates and listens to what is being told to him. Also, now he can attend to an activity for 5 minutes without distracting if the environment is silent.
2. His eye contact has improved as compared to before i.e. it is more meaningful and the duration of eye contact has increased.
3. His motor mannerism during the therapy session is less as compared to before. Also motor mannerisms have decreased in public places, i.e. hand movements, but in the room he is still the same.
4. He requires comparatively less verbal cues for activities during the sessions.
5. Listening skills and command following have also improved. Now he follows the command in 1 or 2 repetitions. He points to objects on demand just by listening.
6. Auditory desensitization technique was used, by which he responded well and his ear closing was minimal during the session and even outdoors.
7. Overall awareness has increased, i.e. observing outside the car when he is travelling has increased and staring spells have reduced.
8. Speech has improved, i.e. he grabs parent’s attention by vocalizing.
9. He said ‘mama’ 3 times during the speech and language therapy.
10. His vocalizations are more spontaneous. He says |a| on demand. He shows tongue and vocalizes on demand. He attempts to say |ma| with support.
11. Previously, when he was on Skype with his relatives, he needed to be forced to interact with them whereas now he points towards them and kisses them on his own without being forced.
12. Now he conveys his needs by pointing which is accompanied by making noise.
13. His tactile sensitivity has improved. Earlier he would pick up his T-shirt and ask his parents to scratch his stomach and tickle him but now that has stopped. Now he doesn’t get tickled in his legs as compared to before.
14. Earlier he could not hold the ball with both his hands i.e. throwing and catching the ball was difficult for him. However, now he throws the ball towards therapist and his parents.
15. He is now able to swing on his own, i.e. previously he needed someone to push him from behind.
16. He now enjoys watching his own video, i.e. recording of him roller skating.
17. His memory has improved, i.e. previously, he would go to the room and remove his clothes and put them on the ground whereas now he puts it on the chair or bed as his father taught him.
18. Imitation and observation skills also improved. Now he imitates actions faster. He demonstrates routine activities like washing hands, washing face, brushing teeth, etc.
19. He can now identify colours like red and yellow and also with shapes (For e.g. yellow square, yellow circle, red square, red circle, yellow/red triangle). Also he can do sequencing with red and yellow beads, flower links, etc.
20. He can identify shapes and insert in 3D blocks.
21. He identifies A-Z alphabets and places them in the proper sequence.

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