Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Autism with MR by Dr Alok Sharma, Mumbai, India | Stem Cell Therapy Videos

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Autism with MR by Dr Alok Sharma, Mumbai, India


Age: 11 Years | Sex: Female

Improvement seen in just 3 months
After Stem Cell Therapy
1. Her sitting tolerance has improved from 15 to 20 minutes to 1 hour.
2. Her attention and concentration has improved minimally while doing activities.
3. Eye contact has improved minimally — by 2%. Earlier it was not there at all.
4. Teeth grinding has completely stopped.
5. Imitation skills have improved, however she needs repetition  - bye — bye.
6. For 1 month after SCT, she said words like ‘baba’ and ‘Om’. Then she stopped.
7. Her hyperactivity has reduced.
8. Earlier she was very particular with routine but now she doesn’t have problem (doesn’t get aggressive or throw temper tantrums) when there is a change in her routine.
9. Previously she was completely dependent for her toilet activities whereas now she needs help.
10. Now she wears hearing aids for 1 hour i.e. previously she wouldn’t allow whereas now she allows.
11. Previously she wouldn’t be able to hold soap whereas now she applies soap on her body but needs verbal commands for it.
12. Previously parents had to feed her whereas now she eats with her own hands. Earlier she would eat only if given in her hand but now she eats if she is served khichadi or chapattis.
13. The teacher who comes home reported that now she tries to make sounds of animals.
14. Her FIM score has improved from 38 to 44 with respect to eating, bathing.

Stem Cell Therapy done at

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