Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Cerebral Palsy by Dr Alok Sharma, Mumbai, India | Stem Cell Therapy Videos

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Cerebral Palsy by Dr Alok Sharma, Mumbai, India

Cerebral Palsy

Age: 14 Years | Sex: Female

Improvement seen in just 3 months
After Stem Cell Therapy
OT assessment:
1. Eye contact has improved. She looks for 1 sec.
2. She plays with toys.
3. Attention and concentration has improved.
4. Earlier she used to not wear earrings, bangles but now she has started wearing.
5. Earlier she used to not hold anything in her hand but now she holds toys for longer duration.
6. Now her understanding has improved, when everybody gets  ready to move out of the house, she also demands that she wants to go out.
7. Her tightness has reduced.
8. She eats all foods now, she used to not eat spicy food.
9. Now she climbs and descends stairs only with little support.
10. She walks at home with walker.
Advice — Tb Epilex chrono to be increased to 7.5 mg -0-7.5 mg.

Psychology assessement:
1. Previously, she wouldn’t respond to her name after 8-9 times whereas now she responds to her name after 2-3 times.
2. Previously, she wouldn’t allow her mother to brush her teeth whereas now she allows it.
3. Previously, she wouldn’t wear chappals, bangles or earrings whereas now she allows her mother to wear.
4. Now, she is cooperative as compared to before as previously she wouldn’t walk and parents had to pull her whereas now she walks properly.
5. Previously, she would fidget with her hands and bang them, now that has reduced upto 30%.
6. Previously, she would sleep quiet a lot, now it has reduced.
7. Previously, she would make irrelevant sounds, now it has reduced by 40%.
8. Her hyperactivity and restlessness has reduced.
9. Her eye contact has improved to 1 second.
10. Previously, she wouldn’t respond to her needs to urinate or use the washroom and many a times would soil her clothes whereas now she conveys her need.
11. Speech has improved i.e. now it is more clear and relevant i.e. now she looks at her mother and calls for her.
12. Her awareness and cognition has improved i.e. now she complaints about her teacher or if her mother shouts at her then she complaints to her father about her mother.
13. Previously, she was fearful about descending stairs and needed support whereas now she takes support of the railing and climbs down herself.
14. Laughing without any reason has reduced by 25%.
15. Previously, she wouldn’t get up on her own and need support whereas now she gets up on her own.
16. Aggressive behaviour and restlessness has reduced by 15%.
17. Now, she attends Sanjivini Institute Special School — Karad since 3 months — attends for 8 hours.
18. Special teacher reports:
- Her awareness has increased as previously she would sit alone whereas now if there isn’t anyone in the class she will come out.
- Her sleep has reduced i.e. previously, she would sleep in the class.
- Her activity level has increased.

Stem Cell Therapy done at

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