stem cell therapy treatment for cerebral palsy by dr alok sharma, mumbai, india | Stem Cell Therapy Videos

stem cell therapy treatment for cerebral palsy by dr alok sharma, mumbai, india

Cerebral Palsy

Age: 5 Years | Sex: Female

Improvement seen in just 6 months
After Stem Cell Therapy
1. Her drooling has stopped completely.
2. She initiates to speak, for eg. She says ‘aye aye’ for ‘bye’.
3. She can control her neck. Neck control was poor earlier.
4. She sits for longer time and sits without support which was there earlier also but now its better.
5. She can lift heavy objects, glass of water.
6. Her tightness has reduced.
7. Earlier while eating she could not take hand to mouth properly and she used to eat only finger foods but now she eats chapattis, rice and also spills less earlier she used to spill a lot.
8. Her understanding, awareness and concepts have improved like now if her mother tells her to keep any object from one side to another, she understands and she does it. Also if in a tray there are onion, potato and garlic and if mom tells her to give garlic she gives it. If mother tells her to get a glass from table she creeps and gets it.
9. Earlier she used to creep in supine position but now she creeps on abdomen.
10. Earlier she was not helping in lower limb dressing but now she helps in a way that she lifts her leg and puts. Also if the pant is kept on her side, she takes it and acts as if she is wearing it.
11. Her FIM has improved from 26 to 28 (eating and dressing LL).

Stem Cell Therapy done at

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