Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Distal Peripheral Neuropathy by Dr Alok Sharma, Mumbai, India | Stem Cell Therapy Videos

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Distal Peripheral Neuropathy by Dr Alok Sharma, Mumbai, India


Age: 36 Years | Sex: Male

Improvement seen in just 3 months
After Stem Cell Therapy
1. According to the treating physiotherapist, he can stand properly without bending posture with minimal assistance, earlier he required more assistance and more bending posture.
2. One leg bridging is now possible with 3 sec hold, earlier he was unable to hold in bridging position.
3. Straight leg raising is possible on left side also with minimal knee bending. Earlier he was unable to raise the left leg.
4. Knee standing alone is possible.  Earlier required support for standing.
5. Calf muscle bulk has also increased.
6. Handwriting speed has increased by 10% now. He puts pressure while writing. Earlier his handwriting was very light (pen/pencil pressure is better).
7. Now he can lift light object with both hands support and fingers open. Earlier he used to take palm support.
8. Now he can wear and remove his pants. Earlier he could not do it (still cannot do button, unbutton and zip pants).
9. He participated in Rakhi competition in school and he did well in it.
10. Now, he takes less assistance while climbing steps in school. Earlier he would need more support.
11. Now he can do knee exercises (15-20 counts) with 1 kg sand weight cuffs. Earlier he was not hardly doing few counts.
12. Now he can hold crayons properly for colouring. Earlier it was difficult for him.
13. Now he can remove his socks by himself with both hands. Earlier he was taking moderate assistance, would take mother’s help for the same, though he takes more time.
14. Earlier he was using battery operated toothbrush. Now he is normal toothbrush for brushing.
15. His finger girth has increased post SCT.
16. Earlier he had wasting of thenar and hypothenar muscles, now there is improvement in his muscle mass in that area.

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